John A. Smith & Son Ltd.

Health, Safety, Environment


As well as completing our projects to the highest standards we also take every possible measure to ensure that they are completed safely and with consideration to protecting the environment.

We have detailed Health & Safety, Environmental Protection, Equal Opportunities and Discrimination at Work policies copies of which are available on request.

Our skilled operatives are trained and monitored to carry out each individual task required to complete a project safely and competently using correctly operated and protected equipment while wearing the appropriate protective clothing, footwear and eye/ear protectors as appropriate.

Our sub-contractors must demonstrate similar procedures or they are not allowed on site.

We employ Catherine Hall Hygiene & Safety to advise us on all aspects of Health & Safety and to carry out periodic site safety inspections.

We endeavour to protect our environment by only buying materials whenever possible from sustainable sources, by minimising and recycling our waste and by taking measures to control dust and noise on all our sites.